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A knight's day in "Slovenian Tuscany"

Goriška Brda, October 29 – 31, 2021


Together, we revived history

The Knights of St. Georg, who were appointed by the emperor in the 15th century to defend against the Turks, have prepared Knights’ Days in the Goriška Brda this year!

The main event of the Slovenian Knights took place this autumn on the border with Italy, in Brda, which is also considered “Slovenian Tuscany”, as this picturesque landscape excels and is far beyond, in all areas, from cultural, spiritual to tourist and culinary. experiences.

Medieval Knights of St. Georg, who comes from Carinthia, this ancient homeland of the Slovene nation, presented himself to the locals of Brda, all guests, friends and visitors on Saturday, October 30, 2021, as part of the main event in Slovenian Tuscany.

This year’s “Knights’ Days of St. George” were placed in an environment home to a rich cultural and historical heritage. The hills were justifiably the ideal host of our medieval order and all who are fascinated by noble knightly stories. We are very grateful to all those who helped to co-create this extremely significant event. The ceremony of knightly placement was perfectly complemented by the cultural and tourist landscape where we stayed.

“Already on Friday, the knights had their annual gathering (Order’s Chapter) at the Hotel San Martin in Šmartno:”

  • a spiritual and cognitive address and a working meeting on the topic “The mission of a knight in Slovenia and in the world”.

The next day, Saturday, the new Order’s knights were in the forefront, whom we elevated to full members of this ancient fraternity, that is, to knights.

“Together we toast the Knights, members of the Order who have been following the path of chivalric values ​​and their own charisma for centuries. We greet all Slovenes who follow the knightly mission in the homeland and the world! ”

The solemn investiture holy mass, in honor and glory of St. George, was a beautiful and unforgettable event for all, so to speak; a living event of the medieval time, when we revive the spirit of order and community, with the aim that the “sacred secrets” can still touch our hearts today. This year was also very solemn, as the Knights are richer for a good number of new knights, for one knightly lady and a family man.

On this occasion, this year we introduced ourselves to all the good people of Goriška Brda, who were able to see this solemn event live.

We sincerely congratulate everyone for joining the fraternal ranks of the Knights, which has been preserved and guarded by the victorious St. George for centuries!

The central Saturday program, 30.10.2021, was as follows:

“MORNING”, municipality of Brda
in the morning (10.00) bilateral program with the mayor of the municipality of Brda, reception in the Brda Cellar, Dobrovo; tasting.

“AFTERNOON”, the medieval church of St. Martin in Šmartno:
– gathering and procession with the people before investiture holy mass (at 5.30 pm);
– afternoon  holy mass (18.00) with the ceremonial placement (investiture) of the new knights in honor of St. Georg (Šmartno);
– Meeting with believers and visitors, after holy mass, square in front of the church, tasting and agape (7.30 pm).

“EVENING”, Villa Vipolže
evening gala reception with dinner for regular members, friends and invited high guests (Villa Vipolže):
– at 20.30 SERVED DINNER, protocol with cultural program;
– guided tasting at 10.30 pm.

We are already inviting you to the next Knights’ Meeting for 2022, which will take place in the patronage of Sv. Georg in Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town and its immediate surroundings.

God and Patria – God and the World!